Bay Hills Capital is an independent, employee owned firm established in 2006 to focus exclusively on investing in small and lower middle market private equity strategies. We are an SEC-registered investment advisor that manages discretionary funds on behalf of institutional investors such as pension plans, foundations and endowments, family offices and governmental entities. We also work actively with independent investment advisors and wealth management firms on behalf of their individual clients.

Though the small to lower middle market segment of private equity is known for its historically superior returns, the sector remains challenging to invest in due to the large universe of fund managers and the difficulty in accessing the most successful of these groups. Our team has extensive experience investing and managing private equity portfolios on behalf of institutional investors, across a broad spectrum of private equity sub categories. This practical perspective provides for a special appreciation for the virtues of investing in the lower middle market, and the extensive relationship network that we have developed over time has resulted in access to the industry’s top performing established and next generation private equity groups.